Monthly Archives: August 2010

Moving to the country


The answers to that very wide-ranging question are some of the things this site seeks to help with:

  • finding the right property
  • understanding the financial implications of moving to the country
  • work opportunities, and ways in which you might need to change the way you work
  • the inner journey – why do you want to do this, anyway?

And then there are all the usual suspects like:

  • sustainable living
  • growing your own food, and country cooking, of course!
  • looking after old houses
  • natural rhythms – mind, body and spirit slow down and relax
  • alternative medicine (and whether any of it works!)
  • doing good – volunteerism, social entrepreneurship, ways in which you can make a difference in rural communities

Then there are the issues of living in small communities and dealing with (frequently) startling levels of pettiness and conflict if you’re used to the city

  • isolation – we all go out there for the peace, but sometimes it gets really lonely
  • ways to connect – the arts, music, crafters, and the way life in the country can stimulate creativity

…and much more.

How on earth are we going to put such a diverse collection of content together while keeping it useful and well-organised?  It’s a daunting prospect, but two of us have already done the country thing (and the third is planning it), and we see this as being facilitated by our existing networks of friends in the platteland, making use of social networking technology to connect it all up and find more like-minded people (there’s some very sophisticated stuff under the hood of this, um, simple rural website!!).

Watch this space!