I’m a data geek: I have a first post-graduate degree in Pure Mathematics and have worked in the data industry for over 25 years, these days mostly in BI and MDM.  Before that I taught and tutored Maths.  I’m fascinated by the changes currently taking place in the data world and am busy doing a specialisation in data science through Johns Hopkins and Coursera.

I decided I was a feminist when I was twelve, and so far have stuck to it.  Although I think biology has a bit more of a role than radfems usually acknowledge, I identify as radfem as their analysis makes the most sense.

I think we’re in the middle of a horrendous backlash against feminism, facilitated by the internet; I’m old enough to be pretty sure that vacuous libfem “empowerment” doesn’t serve anybody except perhaps pornographers.  This site is about combating some of the misinformation flying around about feminism, and sometimes using data to assist.


That squiggle at the back of the header is part of a procedure to look up candidate matches in an error-tolerant (“fuzzy”) index.  Takeaway: don’t do this in T-SQL.