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By Invitation Only – thanks to WMPro!


We’ve got commercial open source social networking capability under the hood, and I started looking around at invitation systems which might give us the capability to run a by invitation network.  They all seemed to be very expensive and full of features which we didn’t need, because we really don’t want to build a big network.

Then I came across Winged Messenger Pro, a very simple and functional invitation system written by Daniel Scheufler at .  It seemed to be pegged at exactly the level I was looking for – a straightforward invitation and tracking system with the capability to make user registration invitation-only.  I also liked Daniel’s approach to ‘commercial’ components – make a donation to his pet charity and you can have a copy!

The only hitch was that the invitation-only portion required Community Builder, a free social networking component, and we had decided to go with a commercial component as our needs in this regard were a bit more stringent.

Although I’m a data and business intelligence person by trade, I’ve done quite a lot of work on Joomla components (primarily integrating Docman with Juga, but other bits and pieces as well), soI  decided to get it anyway and tackle the plugin which handles the invitation control myself.

I had some email communication with Daniel about this, including which Joomla events might be appropriate, and before I had a chance to blink, he’d written us a native Joomla plugin to handle the invitation control! It’s in and it’s working! Thanks, Daniel, this is fabulous service, and we’re very happy to be the testers for WM Pro 1.8.

Even if you don’t have a website and don’t need an invitation component for it, please give Daniel’s site a visit.  You might feel inspired to donate some money to his charity, an education fund for underpriveleged children in Nicaragua.